Monday, November 21, 2011


While reading a book yesterday, I was struck by this idea: the main character was told by another character to trust her, even though it would look like she was betraying him. It raised in my mind the question of faith - will you believe even when it appears you should not?

The main character was unable to fully trust the other one, and feelings of betrayal and alienation were the result, which led me to this idea: trust is a principle of unity. We must trust God and Goddess, and They must be able to trust us in order to be one. As we learn to trust in Them, we are learning how to be one with Them. Our progression and growth are intertwined with the ability to trust and be trusted. Perfect unity, perfect trust.

This is hard because trusting another, like loving another, leaves one vulnerable and learning to be vulnerable is very much in opposition to the natural man. Vulnerability is uncomfortable at best, downright terrifying at worst.

Food for thought, anyway.

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